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Faithful to a tradition of fellowship, ideas and team work, the Court of Reveran is a clan settled in the Warband scene.

We are an international clan, but the majority of our players are European,
ranging from the UK to Finland.
Originally formed during the early beta of Mount&Blade:Warband,
the notorious Reveranites presented the community with a friendly, fun and
all round challenging bunch and rapidly evolved into being one of the
highest rated clans today, if not because of a continuous dedication to
one of the best games around, including server owners, event planners,
highly skilled modders and excellent individuals.

We use TeamSpeak3 for voice and make extensive use of Xfire for the chatroom function.

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Updated: 29/04/16

Upcoming Matches/Events:

Match Thursday 19:30 BST

Recent Match Results:

12 - 0 CoR vs Pycb (Official)
6 - 7   CoR vs IG
11 - 7 CoR vs CCC
9 - 5   CoR vs FAT
12 - 1 CoR vs THD
D - L   CoR vs CCC
2 - 10 CoR vs BRO
6 - 7   CoR vs CCC
4 - 10 CoR vs K


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